Ronald Bernard - The mark of the beast - Or your liberation

  • woensdag 2 augustus 2023
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  •  Agnes Jonckheere's interview with Ronald Bernard


    Whether we like it or not, we will all have to make fundamental choices in the near future that ultimately lead to (eternal) life or (second) death. This video is for people who do not shy away from depth, self-reflection and some essences in life. Let's say in advance, welcome home ... Agnes Jonckheere's interview with Ronald Bernard covers the following topics: - How did it all start? - Ronald's near-death experience. - Researching Sacred Books. - Satanists follow the Revelation of the Bible. - Connection with the Source of Life. - Comparison to Noah's Ark. - Let the children come to Me. - The Ura platform with the Ura coin. - The door out of the digital cage. Will you join us? https://www.unitedpeople-foundation.o...

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