I Went Undercover at the World Economic Forum

  • woensdag 24 januari 2024
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  •  Learn More About the World Economic Forum Here!

    Larry Alex Taunton 2 3-1-2024

    Learn More About the World Economic Forum Here!   

     • What exactly is the World Economic Fo...   In this episode of Ideas Have Consequences, Larry Alex Taunton provides an inside look at the 2024 World Economic Forum. This event is attended by over 100 billionaires, 60 heads of state, and CEOs of over 600 major corporations. This is possibly the most influential group of people on earth. If you think the WEF isn’t all that significant, you would be mistaken. What really goes on there? Who attends the WEF? Are they really as evil as everyone says they are? All will be answered in this full-length documentary. Bill Gates, George Soros, Joe Biden, Klaus Schwab, Greta Thunberg, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and many others are all World Economic Forum agenda contributors. They influence issues of all kinds, including climate regulation, immigration, farming, agriculture, medicine and vaccines, artificial intelligence, social media, and policymaking at the highest levels of government in countries all around the world. Chapter Markers 00:00 - Coming Up: I Went Undercover at the World Economic Forum 00:51 - What is the World Economic Forum? 01:58 - Mission: Infiltrate the WEF 02:53 - Trains to Davos 03:30 - Why the World Economic Forum is Important 04:07 - HOA from Hell: Dictating How We Live 05:22 - Klaus Schwab: Bond Villain 05:56 - Security Around the WEF 06:55 - Engaging with WEF Attendees 07:44 - I Got Rejected from a WEF Building 08:10 - Undercover WEF Session: Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Princess Eugenie Discuss Human Trafficking 09:55 - On Record About the World Economic Forum 10:33 - Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Asks for Help to Topple Putin 11:11 - What is the World Economic Forum Like? 11:30 - WEF 2024 Aim to “Rebuild Trust” 12:12 - President of European Commission Ursula Gertrud: Misinformation and Disinformation 13:00 - Interview with Dinesh D’Souza: Absolute Truth 14:57 - Global Agenda: Shut Down Twitter 16:19 - Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party: Disdain for the People 17:19 - What Do They Discuss at the World Economic Forum? 19:00 - WEF Agenda Contributors - Sadhguru, Jane Goodall, and Dennis Meadows, Speaking About Depopulation 22:49 - Controlled by ESG 23:51 - Globalist vs. Populist: President of Argentina Javier Milei Speaks Out Against WEF Agenda 26:48 - Socialism: A History of Wrecking the World 27:50 - Demonizing the Populist People 30:35 - Who Does the World Economic Forum Fear? 31:11 - Vladimir Putin: Anti-Globalist 32:40 - Donald Trump: Not On Board with the Globalist Agenda 34:02 - A Mole at the WEF 34:42 - Repeating History: WEF and the Rallies at Nuremberg 36:48 - Rebel News: Asking John Kerry Tough Questions 37:55 - Thank You!

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