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  • dinsdag 8 juni 2021
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  •  Viruses are everywhere.


    That's a good thing. We cannot live without viruses. There are viruses that can cause us trouble, sometimes serious. But viruses also help us stay healthy. Constant exposure to viruses makes our immune system stronger. We pass viruses on to each other without us realizing it. Even in healthy people who have no symptoms or complaints, the transmission of viruses takes place, but because so few virus particles are spread, nobody gets sick from it. Pathogenic transmission of the virus only occurs if the infected person has complaints or symptoms. By coughing or sneezing, the infected person transmits the virus to someone else. Thus, there is a major important difference between non-pathogenic transmission and disease-causing transmission. Unfortunately, this is not getting the attention it deserves. The assumption that people without symptoms can easily make each other seriously ill through transmission of Covid-19 is a misconception. The far-reaching measures that result are unnecessary and even destructive. The chance that someone without symptoms infects the other is very small. The Doctors Collective believes that the current generic corona policy intervenes in every area of ​​our society and our humanity and believes that this policy harms our health more than it promotes or protects it. More information at: Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and share our posts and videos as much as possible. ☞ Facebook: ☞ Linkedin: ☞ Twitter: ☞ Instagram

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